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Leizi furniture was founded in 2004, the company's four brands: Kimi · Si Lipu, Banzer, Lei Zi, HERMIANS quality first, world-renowned.

Leizi bedding - bedding 12-year focus on providing the most perfect sleep life

    The company has passed Bureau Veritas (Bureau Veritas) ISO9001: 2008 quality system demonstration, and improve plant quality, health, safety, environment and social responsibility, standardized management processes, the production of high-quality products for global buyers to provide the most complete service and most cost-effective sleep products.
    Every Leizi products are selected high-quality raw materials to ensure product durability, comfort, durability, plant at least two of the world's authoritative product testing agency (SGS & AQSIQ) annually finished product testing, irregular monthly assessment of suppliers of raw materials, finished 100% inspection work, the commitment of all the internal structure of the mattress to ensure perfect quality products for 25 years.
    Leizi always adhere to the core technology in the product using its own unique technology and continuous self-innovation and technology upgrading in the global mattress manufacturing, innovation, research and development of human sleep comfort improved products.
    Only focus to be professional, to adhere to only 12 years of miracles, the deepening understanding of the sleep habits of different countries and regions and demand, not only in manufacturing Leizi mattress, but also in the creation of a new high-quality sleep experience, improve human sleep life, make home more beautiful!

Ultra-luxury at a fraction of the price

One third of the time is spent in bed, if the average life expectancy of 82 years if calculated, people's sleep time is about 27 years. Sleep will become the world's most important human topics, most want to have a comfortable, elastic good, supporting strong mattress it? Leizi can help you, 12 years of professional export large mattress factory in Europe and America, introducing the world's advanced production equipment, quality raw materials to buy directly from the country of origin, a sound ISO9001: 2008 quality management system, part of a customized manufacturing feel your best sleep mattress, international environmental quality products, low prices beyond your imagination, so let you experience the most comfortable, good mattress for optimum support of.

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Foshan LEIZI Furniture Co.,Ltd is an enterprise  specialized in the production and development of  BEDDINGS.Since 2004,more than 10 year's experience  in manufacturing MATTRESSES in Foshan  city. Our-main products are memory foam....